Important Tips and Information 

1. Read all the instructions 

2. Using the checklist provided, ensure that you have all the parts. The checklist will also enable you to recognize the parts and where to position the beams, laths, etc. 

3. Do not put the timber on damp or dirty ground as dirt can only be removed with great difficult, if at all. Sufficient nails and screws are included. Use those indicated, or fastening that are suitable and intended for the task. Some information about wood Wood is a natural building material. Before being worked, the timber is dried to a moisture content of about 18 per cent. Climatic conditions (eg rain, cold, heat, etc) can affect the moisture content of the timber and can alter timber structures. Similarly, it may impair the function of doors and windows. 

Important please note:

1. During the drying process small cracks may appear in the timber. This does not affects its quality and is not covered by the guarantee. As the humidity around the wood increases these cracks will disappear. It takes about two weeks for the timbers to have settled after assembly. It may be necessary to readjust the doors. Ultraviolet light (sunshine) may also cause a change in the colour of the wood. Circulation of air To ensure the barbecue works efficiently and the air can circulate properly there must be a supply of air to the side of the barbecue. Diagram for the circulation of air (Cross section through the foundations):

Foundations To ensure the summer house has a long life and functions as intended it is important to lay the right foundations. It is essential that the foundations be laid out as illustrated in the diagram below:


You will need the following tools to assemble the summer house: Saw, screwdriver, step ladder, rule, square, spirit level, Stanley knife (or equivalent), pincers, metal /rubber mallet.