9m² Garden House Victoria

9m² Garden House Victoria

This 9m² Victoria Summer House

The Victorian Summer House comes in two sizes, 9m² and 12m² The inside is decorated with curtains and cushions . This has the same barbecue unit as the BBQ house.

 In Victorian summer house there are 2 opening windows these are opposite the double door. The rest of the walls have double glazed window panes to get a 360º view. The building is manufactured from 45mm thick redwood timber and is left in its natural state. Giving you the choice of finish varnish, stain or paint. 

The inside has benches fitted to 5 walls which will seat 16 people comfortably and can convert to 2 sleeping platforms when needed. (Ideal for children's sleep'overs) The possibilities are endless e.g. Home Office, Study, Painting Studio, Barbecue House Children's Play House or simply just a beautiful Garden House.

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